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Meet our team

There are 500+ of us at P2H. Let’s get acquainted?

Mykhaylo Zakharov, P2H Delivery Director

Mykhaylo Zakharov

Delivery Director
Volodymyr Plakhov, P2H Portfolio Director, MENA

Volodymyr Plakhov

Portfolio Director, MENA
Serhii Nazarov, P2H Director of Engineering

Serhii Nazarov

Director of Engineering
Natalia Mala, P2H Head of Recruitment

Natalia Mala

Head of Recruitment
Pavlo Tovazhnianskiy, P2H HR Lead

Pavlo Tovazhnianskiy

HR Lead
Alina Plakhova, P2H Head of QMS

Alina Plakhova

Head of QMS
Yuri Leleko, P2H Head of UI/UX Design

Yuri Leleko

Head of UI/UX Design
Denis Kolomiiets, P2H Ruby Lead

Denis Kolomiiets

Ruby Lead
Bohdan Parshentsev, P2H Ruby Lead

Bohdan Parshentsev

Ruby Lead
Andrii Liashenko, P2H Front-end Lead

Andrii Liashenko

Front-end Lead
Oleksandr Saks, P2H Portfolio Control Manager

Oleksandr Saks

Portfolio Control Manager
Ivan Shutyaev, P2H Front-end Lead

Ivan Shutyaev

Front-end Lead
Volodymyr Bezpechny, P2H Front-end Lead

Volodymyr Bezpechny

Front-end Lead
Svitlana Yakovlieva, P2H QA Lead

Svitlana Yakovlieva

QA Lead
Ihor Dodukh, P2H Automation QA Lead

Ihor Dodukh

Automation QA Lead
Kostiantyn Vlasov, P2H PM Lead

Kostiantyn Vlasov

PM Lead
Anastasiia Borodaievska, P2H PM Lead

Anastasiia Borodaievska

PM Lead
Andrii Nenadov, P2H Scrum Master

Andrii Nenadov

Scrum Master
Anna Volokha, P2H Scrum Master

Anna Volokha

Scrum Master
Danylo Lylo, P2H Scrum Master

Danylo Lylo

Scrum Master
Denys Sherba, P2H Scrum Master

Denys Sherba

Scrum Master
Karyna Skorobahatko, P2H Scrum Master

Karyna Skorobahatko

Scrum Master
Kateryna Ogar, P2H Scrum Master

Kateryna Ogar

Scrum Master
Lina Kryvosheieva, P2H Scrum Master

Lina Kryvosheieva

Scrum Master
Viktoriia Shvetsova, P2H Scrum Master

Viktoriia Shvetsova

Scrum Master
Maria Chernetska, P2H Scrum Master

Maria Chernetska

Scrum Master
Kseniia Matusievych, P2H Scrum Master

Kseniia Matusievych

Scrum Master
Polina Pelyukhnya, P2H Scrum Master

Polina Pelyukhnya

Scrum Master

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