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Appointment Management Solution for a US-based Clinic Network

P2H built a comprehensive patient management solution for a network of specialist health clinics in the US.

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    US-based network of specialist health clinics

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    US healthcare is highly competitive, making service quality just as important as treatment outcomes. Knowing this, our client, the owner of a network of specialist clinics in the US, wanted to update their legacy administration system and develop several new solutions to upgrade their IT network.

    The P2H team accepted the challenge. During this two-year project we:

    • Developed software for onsite self-check-in kiosks from scratch
    • Added an online appointment booking service to the client’s website
    • Enhanced the existing clinic portal, which is used to organize everyday clinic work
    • Set up a system for tablets and desktop to track the patient journey through pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure activities
    • Integrated a call solution for managing inbound and outbound calls

    With P2H’s help, the client optimized clinic operations and provided an excellent customer experience by tracking patient interactions from first contact to post-discharge support.


    P2H created a full-fledged system that accompanies and assists clinic personnel and patients throughout the entire patient journey, from appointment booking to discharge. The main client benefits are

    • Higher Data Accuracy
      • An integrated platform ensures fewer mistakes in record management.
    • Improved Service Quality
      • Personnel can see medical and patient interaction history in one easy-to-use system.
    • Faster Customer Service
      • Patients can access all necessary information and self-service options to speed up administration procedures.
    • 24/7 Availability
      • Patients can now book appointments online or use an updated call servicing system.
    • Reduced employee workload
      • The system works on multiple devices, meaning that clinic staff can access all necessary data quickly and easily.


    An integrated system for patient management

    P2H developed a comprehensive system to enhance clinic work and improve service quality through four main features.

    • Clinic website with online booking

    P2H enhanced the client’s website with an online booking feature. Once a patient has booked an appointment, they can view and check their appointment details and insurance information, and see a map with the clinic’s address. They can also pay for their appointment on the site via PayPal or credit card. The site is available in mobile and web versions.

    • On-site self-check-in kiosks

    On arrival at the clinic, each patient has to check in before their appointment. P2H developed a self-check-in kiosk to speed up the process. The patient simply enters their data, scans their ID, confirms their arrival at the right clinic, and, if necessary pays for the appointment via PayPal or credit card. As the last step, the clinic’s receptionist should confirm the appointment and payment.

    • Call management system

    The solution integrates with Huddle — a system for inbound and outbound calls. Receptionists can use the system to remind patients of upcoming appointments, verify bookings, and clarify details, while patients can call staff to book an appointment. During a call, receptionists see all necessary caller data in the system and can trigger tasks such as appointment cancellation.

    Internal personnel system with EHR and helpdesk features

    The clinic’s internal software has both tablet and desktop interfaces and consists of two parts:

    • A patient journey tracker. This lets staff track and add pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure details and check that the patient receives the appropriate service at each stage. For example, if a healthcare specialist doesn’t change a patient’s status from waiting for the appointment to receiving service at a scheduled time, a receptionist can follow up and act to ensure the best patient experience.
    • A personnel portal with multi-level access. The portal gives receptionists and healthcare specialists complete information about patients and their appointments, including
    • A list of previous interactions with the clinic
    • Treatment history
    • Payment and billing information
    • Insurance details

    The platform uses multi-level access that filters information and features according to a user’s status. For example, a patient’s healthcare specialist has full access to their medical history and can add information, while receptionists can see only appointments, payments, and insurance details.

    Continuous integration / continuous development (CI/CD) and continuous testing

    Faced with ever-changing requirements and almost no room for mistakes, the P2H team opted for a CI/CD workflow with frequent small releases and thorough testing of each change. For example, in addition to performance, safety, regression, and UI testing for mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces, we also conducted test calls to clinic receptions to get direct feedback from end users.

    This approach allowed us to

    • Set up an effective workflow for incremental but fast system upgrades and website and kiosk development
    • Safely integrate new solutions and features into the system without disrupting clinic operations
    • Create an effective, user-friendly system for clinic staff and patients

    Ongoing communication and training

    Constant two-way communication with the client and end users (clinic staff) was key to the success of the project. Strong communication channels helped us

    • Collect the requirements and information needed for system development, feature implementation, and updates
    • Give personnel training via video calls on how to use the software after each new feature implementation

    Create effective technical documentation and guides for fast onboarding of new clinic employees


    • Zero-Disruption Implementation

      Any error in data storage or system operation can negatively affect the well-being of clinic patients. For this reason, P2H had to gradually integrate new features, improve functionality, and add completely new solutions without disrupting day-to-day work in the working clinics’ system.

    • Changing Requirements

      Different parts of the system (such as the personnel portal, call management solution, kiosks, and website) had to serve the interests and needs of different end users (receptionists, health professionals, and patients). As a result, the client often changed requirements as they moved toward an optimum and effective solution. To cope with this, P2H had to complete up to five releases per day and track each change and its impact on the system.

    • Client-Specific Workflows And Training

      The client works in a specialized field, meaning the platform had to incorporate numerous specific features and regulations. At the same time, clinic staff needed help learning and adapting to the new system and using its features, from entering a patient’s personal data to selecting procedure codes for insurance forms. This made staff training an essential part of the project.

    Team composition

    This ongoing project has involved twenty P2H specialists, including

    • Solution architects

    • Frontend developers

    • Backend developers

    • Manual and automation QA engineers

    • Business analysts

    • Technical writers

    • UX/UI designers

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